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You make it fresh and delicious!

When I developed Elizabeth Jean's homemade pie kits, I knew people had better things to do with their time than spend hours in the kitchen. I came up with a quick, easy way to turn the chore of pie-making into a rewarding, time-saving experience.

Planting the Seed

When the idea first came to me, it was not about starting a business – it was about "how in the world am I going to make dinner – and apple pies for dessert?"

My nephew was being deployed to Iraq and I was hosting his farewell dinner. At the last minute my husband suggested I bake apple pies for dessert. I had dinner under control but the pies took me by surprise. I was desperate! I rushed out to the market for ingredients, and on the way home I found myself wishing the preparation was already done.

That idea grew into a hobby – making "pie kits" for friends and family – that grew into a passion – as I experimented with proportions, spices and baking times to create the perfect pie – that grew into believing this product should be on every grocery store shelf in the country.

All the Taste – Without the Work!

I love pies, and have been making them for over 25 years, but I don't love the time it used to take to prepare them. That's where Elizabeth Jean's Pie Kits come in: I start with my own time-tested recipes and include the same high-quality ingredients I use in my homemade pies – for perfect pies every time that win raves over bakery pies.

And I put it all together in one easy-to-assemble package so you can enjoy mouth-watering, home-baked pies without all the fuss.


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Green Apple

The Apple of Their Eye

Excerpts from customers' comments and reviews

"Truly scrumptious!!"

"We made the Apple Crisp Pie! It was outstanding! Everyone loved it!"


"It was delicious! So easy to assemble and beautiful when finished. You definitely have a fan here!"

"Your pie was so fresh, so good and enjoyed by all!"

"I bought one of your Elizabeth Jean's Pie Kits to make for my son's birthday instead of a cake. My birthday boy said it was like 'Heaven!'"

"Just tried your apple pie. Absolutely delicious!!!!"

"I made your Apple Crisp Pie last night! WOW!
I really love that one!"

"We made the apple crisp! It was outstanding! Everyone loved it!"

"Thank you Elizabeth Jean for adapting to our changing lifestyle and keeping an American tradition very much alive! What would life in America be without homemade Apple Pie?"

"Cannot be beat!"


"Our pie was absolutely delicious! We just loved it."